About Us

The Four Cs Multi Academy Trust (MAT) was originated in 2016.  Two schools, Arthur Mellows Village College (Secondary) and Fulbridge Academy (Primary), both outstanding institutions, came together with a common interest in improving the standards of education for all students in Peterborough.  This, combined with the prospect of leading two new Free Schools in the Primary and Secondary sector, provided a pathway towards meeting that vision.

Our Mission Statement
“There are no heights that cannot be scaled, as we strive to fulfil student potential.”

The Four Cs MAT, became a legal entity in March 2017, and provides a framework for strong primary / secondary links, allowing skilled leaders and practitioners from all institutions to come together to enable students to flourish and achieve.  Two further primary schools, Discovery Primary Academy and Hampton Vale Primary Academy, also joined the MAT.  The MAT also has direct oversight of Teach East, the local School Centred Initial Teacher Training provider.  This responsibility adds to the variety and opportunity available to staff from a personal development perspective.

In September 2022 the Trust opened two new schools: Manor Drive Primary Academy and Manor Drive Secondary Academy.  These have been exciting acquisitions for the Trust and further information about these two new schools can be found elsewhere on this website.

The Trustees and Governors of the institutions are fully committed to celebrating the success of every child and providing excellence in the classroom.  They are focused on the needs of their communities and the wider needs of Peterborough and believe that this coming together of like-minded educationalists will enhance outcomes for young people in the area.

All of our institutions have common values and goals which are interpreted at a local level to meet the individual context and needs.  A child who is part of the Four Cs MAT will benefit from a high quality education and a rounded curriculum that will prepare them for the next stage in their educational life.

If you are interested in working for a forward-thinking Trust, with a wealth of opportunity to work across sites and Key Stages, please contact us.  Successful new recruits can look forward to extensive support and professional development which can be translated into excellent outcomes for the young people which we serve.

Our Aims

Our curriculum must serve: 

  • The Individual: 
  • By ensuring well-being, engagement, empowerment and autonomy. 

The Wider World:

  • By encouraging respect and reciprocity.
  • By promoting interdependence and sustainability.
  • By empowering local, national and global citizenship.
  • By celebrating culture and community.

Pupils’ Learning:

  • Through exploration, knowing, understanding and making sense.
  • Through fostering skill.
  • Through exciting imagination.
  • Through enacting dialogue.